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Our Story

About Eco Nilay

Welcome to EcoNilay! We make natural, charcoal-free incense from repurposed flower petals and the goodness of Gir cow dung, promoting environmental protection.

Women who shape Eco Nilay

Eco Nilay is deeply committed to promoting women's empowerment by creating job opportunities for 50+ independent women and fostering micro-entrepreneurship. We take immense pride in supporting these women and helping to build a better future for them and their communities.

Birds As Our Brand Ambassador

Our product line is named after endangered Native Indian bird species to raise awareness and educate customers on the importance of preserving our heritage and habitat. We aim to protect these birds with the help of the Eco Nilay family and plan to donate part of our savings to fund research and preservation efforts.

Blessed By Sacred Gir Cow Breeds

Our merchandise is enriched with the spiritual power of Gir cow dung, sourced from local farms in Hyderabad. Our aim is to infuse positivity and enhance the spiritual well-being of our customers, as Gir cow is renowned for its qualities of strength, abundance, fertility, blessings, and courage, which we hope our customers will also experience.

Give Your Used Flowers A Second Chance

Let's team up to safeguard landfills and rivers from flower residue pollution. You can now book doorstep services to give us any flower residue or garlands from rituals and events. By doing so, you'll help us create exquisite and spiritually uplifting sacred incense. Order from our website and breathe new life into your used flowers.

Letter From Our Founders

Immerse yourself in a premium and luxurious experience with these incense products, crafted with high-quality ingredients and an authentic aroma that is sure to leave a lasting impression.

Dear Ecozens,


“It's not just another day where we talk about being responsible towards the environment. It's an everyday decision that we make which can impact the world around us”


While visiting a cow shed in Hyderabad, we had a conversation with local farmers who breed cows, and it left a significant impact on us. We learned that the native cow breeds were slowly declining due to industrialization and the ever-increasing demand for dairy products. It was concerning to realize that even the cows, which hold a significant place in our culture, were at risk of disappearing.


While we hear a lot about wildlife disappearing due to habitat loss, we rarely hear about cows' plight. Besides, flower waste from events and religious sites adds to the pollution in landfills and rivers, posing a threat to our heritage. To preserve our heritage, we have taken it upon ourselves to address all pressing issues with equal commitment and make it our responsibility to bring about the necessary change.

Baby Steps

“We started to explore various avenues to establish a venture that would contain everything within its very womb”


We came together to brainstorm a solution that would address our concerns. The solution didn't manifest overnight; we had to take time to clear our minds and generate a list of potential solutions. To do so, we sought out a refreshing and calming environment.


Eventually a stroke of inspiration struck, and the solution was right in front of us all along. Instead of a new workspace, we just needed a refreshing aroma to uplift our spiritual senses and create a breathable space. Inspired by ancient practices in India, we created Eco Nilay, a mission towards peace, love, and harmony. Our aim is to help people relax, stay positive, and find solace while being a part of a transformative journey towards inner and outer change.

Final Product

We did our research and came up with multiple incense varieties, a perfect blend of natural essential oils and the goodness of Gir cow dung to create exquisite fragrance; free from charcoal smoke and freshens the air naturally. Our use of upcycled flower residue not only reduces waste and pollution but also reflects India's diverse and vibrant culture, giving our incense sticks a refreshing and invigorating aroma. By promoting sustainable practices, we aim to contribute to a healthier and more eco-friendly environment while celebrating India's cultural heritage.


Eco Nilay soon became a home to several other opportunities, extending hands to provide fair opportunities to independent women workers. Products are named after endangered bird species to raise awareness for preservation efforts. Goal is to contribute significantly to bird research and preservation as we continue to expand our brand family. By purchasing any of our everyday items, you become a valuable member of this noble movement, which aims to create a positive impact on the environment and local communities. Imagine being a part of a much-needed change that you want to see in the world, just by buying your everyday essentials from Eco Nilay.


We believe that our journey towards a better future begins with small but significant steps, and by choosing Econilay, our customers are not only getting a high-quality, natural product, but they are also contributing towards 


✔ Preserving Gir cow breeds ✔ Reducing landfill and river pollution ✔ Raising awareness on endangered native Indian bird species ✔ Empowering underprivileged women flowercyclers 


Our incense sticks are completely free from harmful charcoal smoke, making them a safe and healthy choice for any household. Crafted using natural and eco-friendly ingredients makes Eco Nilay less harmful to both humans and the environment.


Together for a greener future,

​Nitesh Singh & Komal Kumar

Eco Promise

Imagine a reality where every individual takes responsibility for protecting the environment and promoting sustainability. This is the promise that we hold close to our hearts, and we are passionate about making you a part of it. At the core, Eco Nilay Team is committed to creating ethical and sustainable merchandise that not only protects the environment but also positively impacts local communities. Our drive to exceed limits is grounded in our values, as we aspire to motivate others to join us in forging a more sustainable and environmentally-conscious future. Together, let us make the green, greener.

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