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PANCHAMRUTAM literally means "A DIVINE confection made using FIVE ingredients" /(Sanskrit: पञ्चामृत, lit. five Amṛtas) is a mixture of five nectars. This divine concoction is a cherished offering to LORD MURUGA ( Karthikeya ) and a delightful indulgence for our taste buds. Panchamrutam is famously used to perform the abhisekam, or ritual bathing of consecrated statues, at the Dandayuthapani Swamy Murugan temple in Pazhani, central Tamil Nadu situated around where the Western Ghats begin.




  • Fresh & Authentic Ingredients: This includes Hill banana, Cane jaggery, A2 Cow ghee, Pure honey, and Dates. Bananas are from Viruppachi, a village near Palani hills. The plantains are small in size; sweet in taste; less in water content. Sugar Cane Jaggery, A2 Cow Ghee from free grazing Malai Madu cows of Tamil Nadu region, Pure Honey from the hills, and Pitted Dates. Black Raisins, Cardamom, and Dry Ginger are also added in small quantities.


  • Traditional Process & Recipe: The secret of this unique taste in every batch lies in blending five main ingredients in precise ratios. Traditionally, the Hill bananas are crushed and cane jaggery is mixed with them. In the next stage, seedless dates, Black Raisins, and pure honey are blended. Finally, A2 Cow Ghee and cardamom are mixed with the conglomeration.



  • Multiple Health Benefits: Traditionally Panchamrutam was given as prasadam to all as a part of the ritual, but its inherent health benefits protect devotees from various diseases prevailing in tropical regions. Panchamrutam nourishes the seven bodily tissues – reproductive, bone marrow and nervous, bone and teeth, fatty, muscles, blood cells, and plasma - which are responsible for our overall health, well-being, and immunity.


  • Versatile Usage: Panchamrutam has an amazing caramelized, sweet taste coming from bananas, honey, and dates. Its unique taste helps to be used in a variety of ways in our modern life – Shakes / Milk, Spread on Chapatis/Bread, Sweet dishes, toppings on ice creams, and many more ways you can try.



  • Uniqueness & Hygiene: Le Organics Panchamrutam uses Le-Organics A2 Cow Ghee and not regular cow ghee. All products are selected from verified sources, lab-tested, and mixed in clean and hygienic conditions. Not a single drop of water is used in the process to avoid any chances of degradation due to bacterial action.


  • Natural & Fresh Ingredients: Jaggery is naturally made without adding any chemicals or adulterated. A2 Cow Ghee is used which are from free grazing malai madu cows and made from curd by using bilona method. Hill Bananas & Pure Honey are from hills near palani which gives longer shelf life and boosts immunity.



  • NO Added Sugar: The sweet taste of Panchamrutam is from jaggery, honey, and dates used as ingredients. There are no added sugar in the process. So the sweetness is natural and these ingredients are having inherent sweet taste.

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